Speaker Intake Form

The COOL Lifestyle

When Robert Hall, owner of The Cool Lifestyle, receives an inquiry from a business or trade organization or individual, who is interested in hiring Mr. Hall to speak at an event, Mr. Hall would prefer answers to the following questions or issues such that the presentation will be successful and meet the expectations of company and audience.
The following “speaker intake” form can be used to provide this information.
• Contact Name
• Name of Company or Event
• Phone Number
• Email Address
• Fax Number
• Mailing Address
• Speaking Topic
• Date and Time of Event
• Event Location (City, State, and Hotel Venue)
• Length of Presentation Time
• Multiple Presentations Needed?
• Audience Size
• Describe the audience, what do they do? What are the challenges? What do they want to learn or take away from this session?
• Is A/V Equipment Available?
• Will you Film the Event?
• Internet Access Available?
• Vendor Table Available for Book Product Sales?
• Interested in Purchasing Books or Other Products for the Audience?
• What is your Budget for This Presentation?
• What are the Guidelines for Travel Budget and Arrangements?
• Should Mr. Hall Book the Travel or Will Your Company Handle That?
Onsite Event Contact Name and Cell Phone Number
Other Notes or Considerations