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The Cool Lifestyle: A Look at Three Cool BMW M5s

What is the Driving Experience of Three Cool BMW M5s?

 Three Cool BMW M5s: The factory label is “E28,” and “E34,” and “E39.”

TheE28gives the driver a responsive throttle response, a glorious engine sound when it is pushed hard, fun handling, with high levels of refinement when you want it to be, but also a bit unruly when you want to take the car in that direction.

As noted auto columnist Quentin Willson put it, the “E34” is “the most accomplished saloon carever made.”He continues:“An awesomely, heart-stoppingly and frighteningly wonderful machine. No other four-seater in the world has such a devastatingly high topspeed, blistering acceleration times or near-perfect ride and handling balance.”And with every successive model incarnation the M5 gets impossibly better and better. Munich’s fastest Five is and always has been, the King Kong of super saloons(2006,71).

When driving an E39 BWW M5, when the driver hits the gas—anywhere, at any speed or location—the driver will get immediate acceleration, and cars around you just disappear. As contemporary testers have commented,the acceleration results in response toa0-to-60testputtheE39M5close to the category of a Ferrari 360 Modenaora Porsche 911 Turbo. In addition, and in true M tradition, there is a surprise waiting for any driver when the revs get into the upper end of the range. In the last 2,000 rpm or so,the E39 M5 finally delivers close to the spine-tingling“on-cam”rush of the previous model M5s.

In this seminar, as a participant, you will learn the amazing attributes of three COOL cars, and what the driving experience is like for each. Through Robert Hall’s own extensive ownership experiences with each of these COOL cars, and from comments from acknowledged auto journalists, Mr. Hall will entertain, and inspire you to decide which of these three models is best for you, and you will be on your way toward the The Cool Lifestyle experience.

In this program, you will:

  1. Become informed about three COOL sports cars;
  2. Be entertained and identify with the Driving Experience of three COOL sports cars;
  3. Examine the connection between the COOL driving experience while driving a COOL car and The Cool Lifestyle;
  4. Explore tools for creating your COOL Lifestyle;

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The Cool Lifestyle: Sample Topic

How can a 4-door car be a sports car and what does that have to do with being COOL?

In the years following World War II, the U.S. began an era of rapidly expanding, widespread economic prosperity. For the first time in human history, a primary engine of growth was a new phenomenon—the consumer economy. In the preceding decades, and particularly during the Great Depression, only the wealthiest families had a taste of the cool life. Everyone else had to work hard just to pay for necessities. For all but the wealthy, if there was a bit leftover,it went into a little savings account for a rainy day. Now anyone can have a taste of The Cool Lifestyle, starting with owning a COOL car.


In this seminar, as a participant, you will learn the relationship between The Cool Lifestyle experience and the 4-door sedan BMW—the M5. Through the use of stories, images, and interactive exercises, Bob Hall will teach you how to leverage your own life experiences and turn them into The Cool Lifestyle experience. You will also discover how owning a classic sports car can take your lifestyle to a whole new level. Bob’s stories of discovering his sweet spot will entertain, inspire, and motivate you into identifying your own sweet spot.

In this program, you will:

  1. Learn how to find and leverage your sweet spot;
  2. Examine the connection between a COOL car and The Cool Lifestyle;
  3. Identify strategies for converting your BMW M5 car to a COOL car;
  4. Explore tools for creating your COOL lifestyle;


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